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Frankly Speaking Website Redesign

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A redesign proposal focused on usability improvements for a website that helps users to improve their communication skills

Role: UX Designer

Team: 5 UX Designers

Timeline: 24 Hours

Tools: Figma, Google Docs, Slack

Figma Final Prototype

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The Client

Frankly Speaking, a public speaking blog and coaching website with the sole purpose of adding value to entrepreneurs, working professionals, and students who want to improve their communication skills.

With their blog receiving 35,000+ visitors a month, they are now aiming to be the go-to-platform for everything public speaking.

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Initial Thoughts & Assumptions

  • Revenue is gained from coach consultations and advertisement on the blog.

  • Frantically Speaking has already conducted user research and the current website offers what potential users are looking for.

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Pain Points

  • Information overload

  • Dead & inconsistent buttons

  • Unclear offered services

  • Confusing ‘booking a consultation’ process

  • Inconsistent and inaccessible design

  • Negative keywords on copywriting

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Design Challenge

How might we reframe the Frantically Speaking website to better convey the types of services offered as well as increase revenue?

Scroll down the website

Scroll down the website

Original Website

Customer Conversion

The current website receives more than 35,000 visitors on the blog monthly and wants to improve customer conversion.

Consistency and Accessibility

Several different fonts, sizes and colors makes the page look unprofessional and unreliable. Additionally, the white text on green and orange background are not compliant with WCAG standards.

Broken Flow

We identified three problems in the booking "Free Coaching Consultation" process. Two broken buttons and a delayed email with a Calendly link is harming the website performance.

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Simplified Mood Board

A simplified board was created to set the mood we wanted the readers to feel when browsing on the website.

Scroll down the website

Scroll down the website

Low Fidelity

Minimalist Clear Design
We added more negative space and less content to improve the user experience scanning through the page.

We ensured that the UI, font, copywriting and the spacing were consistent throughout all pages.

We eliminated the redundancies by keeping only one blog post section on the main page.

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User Test

Since the whole project had to be delivered in less than 24 hours, we were not able to dive deep into user testing.

We managed to run one round of user testing with two testers on our low-fidelity and we learned that three buttons were a bit overwhelming on the hero section so the second button was removed.

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Branding Changes

We understand Frankly Speaking has its established branding identity so we tried to keep visual identity as much as possible.

The orange was not aligned with the minimalist clear design and was removed due to inaccessibility. In order to comply with WCAG standards, we adjusted the green color.

The typeface and sizes were standardized and the contrast was increased to improve readability.

Final Prototype