User Experience Research

Focused on creating solutions that truly meet the needs of the people who will use them.

Hello! I am Kyle.

I bring a unique combination of analytical, empathetic, strategic, and data-driven approaches to my work, ensuring that every project is driven by a deep understanding of user needs and goals.

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Scotia iTrade

I led a successful review of one of Scotiabank's products, including a heuristic evaluation and customer interviews, which resulted in improvements to the onboarding process.

The updated product was then launched with great success, leading to a significant increase in app ratings on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

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Scotiabank Wealth

I personally conducted discovery interviews, concept testing, and usability testing with a focus on delivering a truly exceptional user experience.

I've been a key player in the creation of the new Wealth Management app since its inception. Seeing it materialize and take shape has been a thrilling experience, and I am eager to witness the positive changes it will bring to the lives of Scotiabank Wealth users.